A comprehensive guide to sober living homes

If you or a loved one is due to finish treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and are worried about the temptations of daily life, staying in a sober living house may be the right choice for you. Proven effective in reducing the chance of relapse, sober homes are a collaborative and supportive environment https://en.forexpamm.info/what-is-a-sober-living-house/ […]

Alcohol-Related Neurologic Disorders and Diseases

Forty-two percent of violent crimes reported to police involved alcohol, and 51 percent of victims interviewed believed that the person who had assaulted them had been drinking. Once you stop alcohol intake, a doctor can address your specific symptoms. Doctors tailor specific treatments and alcohol abstinence programs to the individual. The most important thing you […]

Drug Dependence vs Drug Addiction: Is There a Difference? Rehab Near Me: The Best Addiction Treatment Centers

The distinction is essential for patients and caregivers to understand. This is why recent evidence-based literature clearly defines the difference between addiction and physical dependence in drug use. Researchers are concerned about the misdiagnosis of addictive disorders based on the potential negative outcomes — for example, worsening stigma or discontinuing needed medications. The terms dependence and addiction […]

Addiction Recovery: Overcoming Your Alcohol or Drug Problem

Intended to educate the public and concerned significant others about the nature and scope of 12-step meetings. The number needed to treat (NNT) is the average number of people who need to be treated to achieve one additional good outcome. The ideal number need to treat is 1, where everyone in the treatment group improves […]